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There are some games that have stood the test of time, and if you enjoy spending time outside, you will be pleased to know that Frisbee golf is one of these classic yet still popular games. You can grab a buddy or two and visit the local course. In case you have plenty of space available, you can even set up your own course. As an example, a wide open area in a park would work good. There are a few different things you’ll need on hand to play. Here’s what you need to understand:

Baskets. When you play the game of Frisbee golf, your aim is to target these Frisbee-like discs into a basket by tossing the disks through the air in precisely the same way you would a Frisbee. Yet the game is also like golf in that you’ll have 18 different baskets as well as a tee-off point for each one. If you find an established course, the baskets should be set up, but if you make your own course, or if you simply wish to practice a bit on your own, you will need at least one basket on hand. As you shop, start looking for a cushioned and lightweight basket for simple portability.

Disks. The disks are an important part of Frisbee golf. You may think you just need one disc, but the fact is that this game can be played in mountainous regions and those discs do tend to get lost. Plus, many people will leave 1 disk down as their place marker while they throw another around. For added fun, start looking for the glow-in-the-dark varieties or to get a package that continues multiple colours. For added convenience, start looking for a set that has a handy carrying bag. Bear in mind that you will also benefit from a bag that has space for your keys, a drink, and maybe even your mobile phone, too.

Score Sheets. Now, score sheets are not a requirement. Many courses even provide you with their own version of a tally sheet that has the par for each hole. Yet sometimes you will find that there’s benefit in carrying around a booklet of score sheets for any games that may come up, as well as for those games in which you create your own holes.

New Challenge. Frisbee golf is truly one of the fun, classic games which are fantastic for children and adults alike to playwith. It’s a sport of athleticism, challenge, and skill, also. Take time today to get the equipment you need for the game, and look around for a course near your home to begin playing. This will likely become an activity that you and your family all love to do together!

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